Classroom Enrichment Grant Application 2012-2013
(up to $1,000)


The Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISF) is soliciting grant proposals for this year's Classroom Enrichment Grants to encourage continuous improvement in education. ISF will award amounts up to $1,000 to benefit students in one or more areas of academic enrichment, struggling students and professional development. Money awarded this year is available beginning in May 2013 for spending through the 2013-2014 school year.

Application Instructions

  1. BE SURE TO GET YOUR SUPERVISOR'S APPROVAL OF THE PROJECT PRIOR TO WRITING THE APPLICATION. Once your grant application is complete and submitted, it is sent to your immediate supervisor for review and acceptance. It will not move on in the process without supervisory approval. Preparing an Application involves a tremendous amount of time and effort. Be sure you have approval before you expend the effort. Appropriate levels of approval are:

    Principal/Executive Director
    District-wide Personnel/Immediate Supervisor
    District-wide Grants/Executive Director
    Executive Director/Associate Superintendent

  2. You may need access to these Instructions throughout the applications process. Please open this page in a separate browser window, or print the page for easy access.

  3. Fill out the Cover Page completely, including your supervisor's District email. ISF will contact your supervisor to confirm approval of your Application, once your request has been submitted. Supervisor approval is required.

  4. Aside from the Cover Page, DO NOT use your school, your name or any identifying references when you respond to the items in the Application. ISF uses a blind judging process to evaluate grants on their own merit. Applications that include identifying references will not be submitted for consideration by the Grant Committee. Some programs are identifiable simply by their uniqueness. In this case, judges will understand your situation, but ask that you maintain anonymity as much as possible.

  5. Once you have completed the Cover Page, Save it and you will be returned to the Grant Application Processing Table. Choose Edit Application to begin preparing your Grant Application.

  6. You may Save and return to your Application at any time. Simply return to the ISF Grants site and log in. Choose Edit Application from the Grant Application Processing Table.

  7. When responding to the Budget section, we encourage you to consolidate similar items: list 5 reams of colored paper; instead of 1 ream white construction paper, 1 ream blue construction paper; etc.

  8. If you return to your Cover Page, you will notice that the Total from your Budget has been added to the Cover Page, as well as to the Processing Table.

  9. When writing your grant proposal, please consider how you will measure and evaluate the success of your grant. Before you submit the Grant Application, read the Grant Evaluation form on to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the evaluation process.

  10. When you have completed your Grant Application, Save and return to the Grant Application Table. Choose the Review Application option. This will open your Application in a Read-Only format, and it will verify that you have entered all required fields in the correct format. If you receive error notifications, you must return to Edit Application or Edit Cover to make your corrections. The same errors that appear in the Review will appear at the top of each Edit page.

  11. Once you have made any required changes to your Cover Page and Application, you may Submit the Application.

  12. When you select the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the Application, you will be taken to a Checklist. You must indicate your agreement to all of the items listed.

  13. Once you agree to all of the Checklist items, select Submit again. ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED THE APPLICATION, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES without requesting special assistance. Your Application will be complete and submitted for consideration.

  14. Your completed Application is due January 14, 2013, at 8 PM PST. The system will stop accepting Applications at that time.

Technical Instructions

  1. There are no spell-check or grammar-check functions within this Application. We suggest you prepare your answers in a word processor or other program, then cut and paste your answers into this Application. Errors may be reflected in your score.

  2. You may use the ENTER key to create breaks within a text field, but TAB between fields.

  3. The Budget and Timeline sections will not accept the ENTER key. Using the ENTER key in these sections will save your Application and exit to the Grant Application Processing Table.

  4. Do not use your browser's BACK button; in many cases, this will cause an error. If you must return to the previous screen, simply Save, and the system will return you to the Grant Application Processing Table.

  5. SAVE FREQUENTLY. The Save button is at the bottom of each editable page. You may edit your Application at any time until you submit it. However, if you have input your Application but have not saved it, there will be no way to recover your work in the case of a power outage or other accidental sign-off.

  6. When completing the Budget and Timeline sections of the Application, the template will expand automatically to allow additional line items each time you enter a new item description. Please be sure that your total matches the amount you intend to request. If there are errors, please review your input to determine if you have included tax, and that your costs and quantities are correct. When you have completed entering your budget amounts, there will be an empty line remaining. You may exit the Budget Table by tabbing out, or by manually moving your cursor to the next field.

Grant Restrictions

Grants may be requested for up to three consecutive years, but you must apply each year. After a one-year hiatus, you may reapply for funding for the same project. Each Application must stand on its own and be considered as a new Application. New grant proposals will not be considered from applicants who have not complied with the evaluation requirements from previously awarded grants.

  1. While you may submit as many grants for which you have ideas, ISF will award no more than two grants per applicant.

  2. For grants that involve paying for teacher time, ISF uses the curriculum rate, not the per diem rate.

  3. ISF does not fund ActivBoards and ActiVotes. We also look carefully at requests for non-PC technology and to what extent it can be supported by district tech personnel.


Completed Applications Due to ISF:                                                           January 14, 2013, 8 PM
Finalists Selected and Announced via Email:                                          February 15, 2013
Presentation of Grant Recipients at School Board Meeting:            April 24, 2012

If you have any questions regarding the Application process, contact Vicki Hahn at 425-749-6338 or via email.

If you have technical difficulties with the Application, or need to reopen an Application after Submission, contact Vicki Hahn at 425-749-6338 or via email.

Evaluating the Application

Applications have a maximum of 80 possible points. They are judged on a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high) in three categories: Student Benefit, Evaluation and Recognition, and Application Quality. Once ISF has received judges' raw scores, scores are weighted: Student Benefit and Evaluation and Recognition scores are doubled, and Application Quality scores retain their original weight. Weighted scores are added together for a final score.

The ISD Executive Committee also reviews the Applications and, in some cases, may ask that a grant be removed from consideration if it is inconsistent with curriculum plans.

Use of Grant Funds

In certain cases, changing circumstances following the award of a grant may make it difficult or undesirable to continue with the grant. Examples are: the departure or reassignment of key personnel or a change in curriculum. In such cases, please consult with ISF before expending any funds. ISF needs to approve the expenditure of funds other than for the original intended purposes. If you are unable to complete the project as planned, the unused portion of the grant award will be returned.